If you frequently find that your employees need some extra motivation, a little stressed, or dragging and tired after accomplishing a major milestone, then your office needs a Pamper Event!  We, at Light Health Center, delicate our time to community outreach. We bring health consultation, massage therapy to help your employees stay stress-free and thus productive. Our community service is 100% free for the company and staff. 

We will bring in 1-2 massage therapists to provide free 10 minute chair massages.  These events usually run between 1-2 hours and we can see between 5-20 employees depending on the time frame and number of massage therapists.  If you have more than 20 employees, we'll schedule a few events over the course of a month - usually going from one department to another until we've had a chance to treat everyone.


Now call and schedule your Free event with Light Health Center!